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Value Proposition Development for a B2B Technology Company


Help a Medicare Advantage CRM product develop a stronger value proposition in order to increase its market share among health plans across the country.



We initially conducted a market overview considering the state of the market, the competitors and the key client issues (e.g. regulation) and spoke to a range of internal and external stakeholders to gather information about the product itself, the purchase journey, the customer experience, and, in the case of non-clients, what comparatively better features other platforms offered.

We presented the findings at a collaborative workshop with a multi-disciplinary team. Together, we developed a strong value proposition based on an important insight and some key market imperatives. In addition, our study also unveiled some important issues in the customer journey that provided the client with the information needed to make some critical changes.

The change in value proposition gave the marketing department the ammunition to change some key aspects of their marketing and improve their pitch decks to prospective clients.

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