Market Research

Creating The “Aha Moment”

We are “truth finders” who go beyond reporting results by telling the story of consumers’ choices in a relevant and resonant way. People filter their experiences and create their own sense of reality by telling themselves stories. We need to understand those stories and communicate them to our partners in an inspiring way.

  • Just like our respondents have stories, so do our clients. And so we like to kick-off projects understanding your stories – your informational needs, the decisions you must make and your hypothesis to ensure that we are utilizing the best tools and tell the story in a way that’s most relevant to you.
  • We leverage a variety of tools – qualitative and quantitative, online and offline, mobile and fixed, interactive and observational, active and passive.
  • We utilize visuals such as pictures or videos to humanize target audiences, build empathy and create a clearer pathway forward.
  • As strategy consultants, we conduct market research in order to empower decision-making and enable growth – not just to sate curiosity – a stark difference compared to pure market research companies who rely on rigid templates and pre-baked reports.