The Need

A marketing framework and a fundamentals course was needed to build consistent skills and capabilities as well as a common language across the organization.


Marketing Excellence

Stakeholder Interviews

Live Action Training

RedSky Strategy utilized proven adult learning methodologies (THINK, SEE, DO) for all types of learners, ensuring strong engagement by all.

The course development was benchmarked against industry leading companies and trialed with real marketers to develop clear, best-in-class processes and templates that create one cohesive, easily actioned marketing process from targeting, to insights, brand building, connecting and measuring.

RedSky ensured that the marketing framework was embedded throughout the organization by using stakeholder interviews and meetings to gain alignment on key templates and nomenclature. In addition, customized activities, based on a top priority project, were developed and utilized across all modules of the course to demonstrate applicability.

Pathway to Growth

The course gave the teams a better framework for finding insights, building stronger brands and communications for their targets.