The Need

A leading global beauty brand aims to stay on trend and connected to their consumers by continually delivering new products and innovations. To learn the true opportunities of cosmetics products in development the brand leveraged the Influencer Discovery Sessions.


Influencer Discovery Sessions

As trends evolve across industries, influencers and creators are attuned to specific category culture more deeply than general consumers. The very competitive beauty category in particular and many of its trends are driven by content creators. RedSky connected with micro-influencers to test and trial a range of unbranded products to get honest feedback and learn how they would also present the products for their own following.

The results empowered the brand to adjust their products and reflect what consumers and creators truly want from the brand more authentically.

Pathway to Growth

Following the research, the brand was able to prioritize the product pipeline and rollout. By engaging creators & influencers early in product development, the company was able to adapt and evolve the most promising new products so that they can remain at the forefront of fast moving beauty trends. Importantly, they worked together to co-create more resonate communication ideas to reach their desired audience.