The Need

After existing in the public eye for 30+ years creating content designed to inspire and educate, an online media company sought to gain a deeper understanding of its audience and how its brand fits into its audiences’ lives.



Focus Groups

1-on-1 in-depth interviews

We identified the core audience and brought them in so that the client could hear their experience with the brand firsthand. The study revealed an opportunity that the company has to bring people together across age groups, across genders, across interest areas, and across the political spectrum – a unique position in today’s fragmented media landscape.

Pathway to Growth

Following the research, a more effective communication strategy with underrepresented audiences is needed. They found the current content format must be adapted to attract more casual audiences. To expand audience interest, the company integrated inspirational/motivational themes into tech/science content. Furthermore, they found that implementing a YouTube strategy was key for the company’s growth to capture wider and younger audiences.