The Need

A nutrition brand was in decline and had become known as a product for the sick and dying.

To revive growth, brand began to focus on healthy aging as well – a very different target – with different product needs, motivators, and belief systems. Nobody knew what the brand stood for anymore – not doctors, not patients, nobody. And so they called us.





Quantitative segmentation research showed that there were two segments who were medically motivated and were interested in our brand – some had just a small health trigger while others had more severe illnesses. We then performed ethnographic research on these target segments.

RedSky created a “live action” workshop to create more robust profiles of the segments, bringing in videos from the ethnography for inspiration, plus actual consumers to answer questions and help the team bring the segment descriptions to life.

Through this exercise, the team was able to uncover a real, motivating insight relevant to both segments, upon which to base all communications and product innovation decisions.

Pathway to Growth

Insight enabled global communications campaign and inspired stronger innovation pipeline – quickly leading to double digit growth internationally and 30% growth in the US